The Eight Disciplines of Effective Change

The Eight Dragon Disciplines of Effective Change

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The Dragon Principles:

Eight Disciplines to Create Effective,
Resilient & Fulfilling Organizations

Develop Leaders, Build Teams, Manage Change, Resolve Conflict

The Dragon Principles Will Allow You too…

  • Access the Power and The Wisdom to Create Meaningful Change In Teams and Organizations.
  • Learn how to use yourself to make possible the changes that you want to see in your teams and organization!
  • Discover and use the missing links to organizational change
  • Why "Dragon?" Click here to find out!

The Center for Human Systems offers the eight Dragon Disciplines through its…

  • Consulting and Coaching
  • Training Programs:
    • Columbia, MD Intensive
    • San Francisco, CA Intensive
    • Online Webinars
    • In Your Organization

Essential Information about Team Development, Organization Development, and Conflict Management

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