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Triple Impact Leadership Intensive

Presenters: Michael F. Broom, Ph.D.

Today’s organizations need to "get it done" with efficiency, high quality, and innovation. Today’s organizations "get it done" with the help of powerful operational systems which are helped or hampered by the human systems that direct and manage those systems. Power struggles, personality conflicts, the "blame game," "complain pain," and suppressive conformity, all get in the way of the high levels of employee engagement and team development that support the human system effectiveness that make "getting it done" real.

Featuring the most powerful technology for creating and managing change in human systems, these wastes of organization energy can be stopped and new energy and productivity generated. Accordingly, the Triple Impact Leaders Program has been developed to...

  • Create strong, high-performing, conflict–free teams capable of leading organizational change efficiently and effectively
  • Develop a team of leaders capable of using differences for learning, innovation, and creativity rather than conflict and hostility
  • Develop skills immediately useable and applicable in current projects and other situations

Triple Impact Leadership Intensive is a program designed for organization–wide impact. It takes leadership teams on a journey during which they will learn to (1) use themselves individually and collectively to (2) positively impact the people they work with, who, in turn, will (3) positively and powerfully impact the organizational layer that they work with to increase innovation, quality, productivity and create other change as desired—thus Triple Impact Leadership.

Our staff will works with you to develop an evaluation process to fit your needs across three levels of impact!

In its public version the program is known as Triple Impact Intensives .

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Triple Impact Leadership Intensive

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"…Michael and Edie have joined forces and created a powerful system for those that are serious about leadership and managing change, have a desire to master the skills of executive level human resources, and want to harness the power that comes with change."

Tony Bennae Richard
CEO, The Bennae Group LLC